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Why a Physical Exam?


Comprehensive Physical Exam
The single greatest key to health is to prevent illness and if this can't be done, then to recognize and treat disease early. 
"I am committed to seeing that my patients maximize whatever potentials they have for optimal quantity and quality of life."

If you haven't had a complete physical examination within the last year and you'd like a greater sense of security about your general fitness and health, please consider making an appointment for this comprehensive medical evaluation.

Pete Maravich-Basketball Pete Maravich, the nationally known basketball star, died unexpectedly of heart disease at the age of 40.  Jim Fixx, the world famous marathon runner, and author of numerous books on jogging, died unexpectedly at the age of 46 while jogging.  The terrible irony is that a physical examination could have detected the heart disease that killed both of these men.

When did you last have a complete physical?
If you recently haven't had your cholesterol or blood pressure checked, pap smear, breast exam, prostate, heart and blood count checked, then I would like you to consider making an appointment to be seen in my office ASAP.

For Everyone Over Age 40
The Yearly Complete Physical

"An Ounce of Prevention"

Many individuals have asked me what to expect from a complete physical exam.  The exam will vary based on your age and sex and your individual case.


A Complete Physical Exam for Someone over 40 Includes:

Review of your past health and present condition
Questions about risk factors for heart disease (cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, lack of exercise, or stress) etc.
Family history for diseases that occur more often in relatives (breast cancer, high blood pressure, colon cancer, etc.)
Questions about alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, etc.
Symptoms suggesting serious disease such as blood in the bowel movements, pressure in the chest, etc.
Blood pressure, EKG, other vitals
Yearly pelvic, pap, and breast exam for women
Yearly rectal exam for men and women over 40
Test for blood in bowel movements (colo cares, colonoscopy, kidney, thyroid, liver, glucose, CBC, cholesterol, lytes)
Cholesterol level, complete blood count, medical profile, urinalysis
Mammogram (how often is determined by age and risk factors)
Men age 40 and over - PSA (Prostate Cancer Test)
Women - Post-menopausal - Bone Density Test for Osteoporosis
Health Recommendations (i.e. Exercise, Weight, Eye & Dental, Seat Belt) A personal "Fitness Prescription", including nutrition, diet, and exercise recommendations


Most adults should see their physician for a Comprehensive Physical Exam once a year.
If you want peace of mind because you've been wondering how healthy you are,
then pick up the phone and call for your appointment today!

Come see Dr. Raymond Cole for your yearly Comprehensive Health Maintenance Exam.

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